Welcome to a haven for like-minded lovers of literature, music, dance, theatre, visual arts, cinema and so much more. This site is here to reclaim the word 'geek,' one that is too often used pejoratively and levelled as an insult. It took me a long time, but I have come to wear my Geek the Girl banner proudly. I grew up a geek, raised by a book, music and arts loving mother and a grandmother who had toured with some of the world's finest ballet companies in her youth. I grew up reading, listening to music, visiting art galleries, being taken to the ballet and theatre, developing an abiding love of cinema. I excelled in the humanities at school, going on to study for degrees in journalism, women's studies and literature while writing for News Limited publications.

I have written for many newspapers, magazines and websites - among them are the Courier Mail, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Weekend Australia, Australian Book Review, Art Guide Australia, Big Issue Australia and wonderful street press that includes Time Off and TOM. For many years I wrote about lesbian news and culture for Australia's largest gay and lesbian website, SameSame, and was also its arts and entertainment editor.

But then what was happening elsewhere reached the offices of SameSame as the site underwent major changes that were both specific to its demographic whilst also being emblematic of the troubling question that has passed the mind of many arts geeks, myself included: "What has happened to arts coverage in Australia in recent times?" In uncertain media times, arts lovers have come to lament the changing of arts coverage nationally. We have seen the repetition of content across newspapers published in different states and arts pages significantly pared back or removed altogether. In the process, writers have lost jobs and we have witnessed the further loss of the diverse perspectives that make arts coverage what it should be: erudite, electrifying, intriguing, enraging, enlightening and so much more.

Geek the Girl is my attempt to remedy - as best as one woman can, I hasten to add! - some of what has been lost. To bring back the sort of erudite, in-depth coverage on which we arts geeks thrive. It is my hope that the interviews, reviews, previews and features on this site will make you feel as though you are not alone in your love of the arts and your longing for something that does more than scratch the surface in covering it. It is my hope that here you might stumble upon a piece about a writer, musician, artist, dancer or actor and their artistic endeavours that will make you want to read their work, listen to their songs, seek out the gallery where their works are being exhibited, book tickets to their performances or take yourself to the local cinema and immerse yourself in two films, back-to-back. Let your love of the arts run free. Your inner - or outer! - geek will thank you. Thank you, too, to the wonderful American singer/songwriter Lisa Germano for inspiring the site's title with her album of the same name.

-- Heidi Maier, editor.